Aashayein, Iqbal This is yet another acoustic guitar based song which every guitar enthusiast must learn and enjoy playing! The chords are varied and beginners would find it difficult to grasp it, but the intro is still there for you to try! Shreyas Talpade has done an excellent job of acting. The music is by Salim Sulaiman.

So try it out and give your comments below.

Chord chart

Asus2      X02200 
Asus2/F#   XX4200 
Dsus2      XX0230 
Bmadd11    X24430 
C#m*       X46650 
Dsus2*     x57700 
E*         x79900 
F#m        244222 
A/C#       X42220 
Dm/F       XX3231 
D/F#       XX4232 
A/E        002220 or XX2220 
Asus2/B    X22200 

The Following is the intro plus verse riff 

     D   UD U  D   UD U D    D   UD U  D   UD U D    
     Asus2        Asus2/G#     Asus2/F#    Asus2/G# 


   D   U D U   D   U D U D U  D 

(Thanks to Jay for this exceptional single guitar arrangement!)

The above intro is played for the following lines...

Kuch Paane Ki Ho Aas Aas, Koi Armaan Ho Jo Khaas Khaas
Aashaayein , Aashaayein , Aashaayein...
Har Koshish Mein Ho Vaar Vaar, Kare Dariyaon Ko Aar Paar
Aashaayein, Aashaayein, Aashaayein...

Toofa(Bmadd11)non Ko Cheer (C#m*)Ke, Manzi(Dsus2*)lon Ko Chheen (E*)Le
Aashaa(A)yein Khilein Dil (D)Ki , Ummee(D)dein Hansein Dil (D)Ki
Ab Mush(F#m)kil Nahin Kuch (E)Bhi , Nahin Kuch (Asus2)Bhi x 2
(Asus2)ho ho..ooo ho... oho
(Asus2)ho ho..ooo ho... oho

Dm |A/C#|Dm/F|A/C#|Asus2 oh oh oh...

udd jaa(D/F#)yein leke khu(A/E)shi, apne (Dsus2)sang tujhko wa(Asus2/B)han
jannat (D/F#)se mulaqat (A/E)ho , poori (Dsus2)ho teri har (Asus2/B)dua

Aashaa(A)yein Khilein Dil (D)Ki , Ummee(D)dein Hansein Dil (D)Ki
Ab Mush(F#m)kil Nahin Kuch (E)Bhi , Nahin Kuch (Asus2)Bhi

Play the intro riff again...

Guzre Aisi Har Raat Raat, Ho Khwayishon Se Baat Baat
Aashayein, Aashayein, Aashayein...
Lekar Suraj Se Aag Aag, Gaaye Jaa Apna Raag Raag
Aashayein, Aashayein, Aashayein...

kuchh aisa kar ke dikha , khud khush ho jaye khuda

Aashaa(A)yein Khilein Dil (D)Ki , Ummee(D)dein Hansein Dil (D)Ki
Ab Mush(F#m)kil Nahin Kuch (E)Bhi , Nahin Kuch (Asus2)Bhi
(Asus2)ho ho..ooo ho... oho
(Asus2)ho ho..ooo ho... oho

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