Here are chords for another care-free unplugged title song of the film Saawariya. Excellent rhythm… very soothing to the ears!

I think for the first part the strumming pattern is like this: |DD- -|U-U-|D-DU|

For the remaining pattern, just listen to the song.

So here are the chords.

(A) Saawariya aa aa aa aaa…
(F#m) Saawariya aa aa aaa…
(Bm) Saawariya…
(A) ho… saawariya.

(D)Doli (A)me bitha ke
(D)Sitaro (A)se saja ke
(D)Zamane (A)se churake ke
(Bm)le jayega…

INTRO again…

(D)Doli (A)me bitha ke
(D)Sitaro (A)se saja ke
(D)Zamane (A)se churake ke
(Bm)le jayega ek roz tera uda ke jiyaaa…

INTRO again…

(A)Palko ke shaami(F#m)yane mein
(Bm)Khabon ke har thik(A)ane mein
(A#)Teri hi parchayian(D)
(A#)Tu to har lamha yaadon (A)me hai
(Bm)Teri khamosh pehli nazar ka deewana bana…

INTRO again…

ANTRA 2 similar to ANTRA 1.

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