About Abhinav Sonkar

Hello to everybody!

This is my page. (well quite obvious!) If you can’t find what’s so obvious about it…then carry on..


Abhinav Sonkar

My name is Abhinav Sonkar, 20 Nagpur, India. I am an under-graduate student of Electronics and Telecommunications (final year) from Nagpur University. Currently I am pursuing my B.E. degree from G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur.

I was born in holiest city of India, Varanasi ( formally Banaras ) and yes I am proud of it. But within a month of my birth, my father shifted to Nagpur. My father, Mr. Babu Lal Sonkar is an M.Com. Honors from Benares Hindu University (BHU). Currently working as Divisional Manager in National Insurance Company, Nagpur Branch.

So basically I have spent most of my life in Maharashtra, especially Nagpur. Often many mistake me as a Maharashtrian coz of my surname. I have also spent 4 years in Chiplun, a small town in Ratnagiri district of Western Maharashtra, a sweet and lovely place situated in the company of mountains on all sides. That’s where I recognized my love for mountains. Well, I think that’s enough. I really don’t want you to go away!

I am also a student member of IEEE.


My hobbies as such are not worth mentioning… apart from sleeping and eating, I like to hear music and I am a veteran guitar player too! Check out the Guitar section to know more. Guitar is one of my prized possession, the other being the computer of course.

I like to watch movies a lot, though I am very selective. Reading is my another favorite time pass. I am an avid fan of Harry Potter series, and like detective novels a lot. I know each & every story and its plot of Sherlock Holmes. Hats off to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

Programming and Web Designing

From academics point of view, I am very much into programming and never get bored with it. I am pretty well versed with C, C++. As yet not gone beyond it. The thing which really took me in was Web Programming. Not designing, mind you! I got thorough with PHP & MySQL very soon. I am also the Web Administrator of IEEE GHRCE Website at my college. I have created many websites and am currently working on my own commercial website which will be launched soon.


Its my lifeline! Let me list some of my most favorite songs.

  1. Tu bin bataye (Rang De Basanti) All songs are cool but this one is outstanding!
  2. Pehla Nasha (Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar)
  3. Wake Me Up When September Ends & Good Riddance (Green Day)
  4. Mere Haath Mein (Fanaa)
  5. Incomplete (Backstreet Boys)

I often hear these songs while going to the college on my bike with my friend! Its lovely!