I would like to show a very interesting statistics which re-affirms my belief that the traffic of this blog depends a lot upon the happenings in Bollywood.

I posted the song Give Me Some Sunshine from the movie 3 Idiots more than a month before the scheduled release of the movie. 19th November to be precise. If you will notice the graph below, the page views leading up to the release date are marginal and pretty constant averaging about 150 views a day.

3 Idiots Statistics

On 25th December, 2009 when the movie released, the page views for the song rose to 420. It kept on increasing and is currently averaging over 1000 page views a day except on new year eve when people would of course be celebrating instead of checking out guitar chords!

There is a very obvious conclusion that can be drawn from this statistics that the movie release brought a lot of attention to that song which was earlier not heard by many.

I hope you enjoyed the movie and the song as much as I did! Happy Guitarin’ !

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