Killer Domains - Great Resource for Researching Perfect Domain NamesDaniel Scocco of fame, recently launched an ebook for finding domain names for your website or blog. He kindly sent me a copy of it and I think it is an excellent resource for all the bloggers who are starting out with their blog.

From my experience, not many bloggers realize the importance of a good and important domain names and simply buy the first name that strikes them, provided its available that is. Daniel vividly explains how domain names are as important as the website itself.

He has divided the content of his ebook in the following chapters:

  • Introduction
  • The 7 Characteristics Of Good Domain Names
  • The Process Of Researching Domain Names
  • Keyword Research
  • Prefixes And Suffixes
  • Tools And Resources
  • Registering And Managing Domain Names

The Process Of Researching Domain Names and Keyword Research are the most informative chapters according to me as bloggers don’t have much idea about it. Good keywords in the domain name go a long way towards SEO.

Another interesting aspect of this ebook is the list of prefixes and suffixes and other such words. You would be hard put to find such a huge collection at one place! Daniel is known for his excellent English and he has used this knowledge to good use in coming up with this exhaustive list which will definitely help you get more ideas for your domain name.

Together with the above list is a collection of websites for researching domain names and some tools to help you with keyword research.

Overall, what I like about this ebook is that it brings together all the relevant information you need to know to go the right way in laying a foundation for your website.

Buy the ebook here for $17.

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