The success of a blog is usually judged by the number of feed subscribers it has. And a blog is said to be quite successful when it has at least 1000 subscribers. Yesterday, this blog surpassed that amount. So, finally after almost 2 years, I can happily say that my blog has not been a failure!

1000 Feed Subscribers

Though it has taken quite a considerable amount of time to reach this figure, I am still glad because I know I have not been as active on this blog as I should have been.

I would like to thank all you readers who have been regularly visiting my blog. Not just visits, your comments and appreciations which have been showered in a huge number inspire me to keep it going. I assure you, I will continue to post more and more songs and help anyone who wants to learn guitar in every way possible (just keep encouraging me!).

By the way, the Suggest a Song feature, which I introduced few days back has been tremendously successful and useful to me. Within 3 days of its start, I got about 50 different songs in my inbox. Thanks to this, I no longer have to worry about keeping myself updated with new songs around the block. All because of you, my beloved readers. Thank you!

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