Regular readers would have already noticed the renovation of this blog which had kept me busy for quite some time in the past week. There were other things that had arrested my attention but I would allude to it in a different post.

The previous design had been in use since the start of this blog nine months ago. It was one of my favorites but the design and the space it provided were constricting the growth of the blog and hence I decided to look for a new design.

Now I am not yet financially sound enough to look for a unique premium design or hire a designer, so I started my search for a good free design that would meet the purpose of advertising as well.

Daniel Scocco from Daily Blog Tips has a nice collection of simple and SEO ready themes that seemed to be the perfect choice for my needs. I went ahead with Daily32 WordPress Theme and modified it to my heart’s content. I would like to thank my co-blogger and friend Shanker Bakshi for a wonderful header image which was earlier, the only low-point of the theme. He was kind enough to honour every whims and fancies of mine until I was satisfied! 🙂

To coincide with the release of the new design, I launched the mobile version of the site as well. Just visit on your mobile browser to get all the stuff. It is specially formatted for mobile devices.

Do pitch in with your comments and suggestions.

This is how the design should look to you. If you find any problems in your browser, please inform me below in the comments section. Version 2 - Refurnished and Redesigned Version 2 - Refurnished and Redesigned

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