BEWAKOOFIYAAN It is always worth noting the songs composed by Raghu Dixit as they mostly revolve around guitar. Unfortunately, the new album has not been up to expectations but the title song of Bewakoofiyaan is still good enough to play on guitar.

Bewakoofiyaan is in the key of E major scale. Most of the chords are easy with only 2 minor barre chords. Check it out:

E F#m A B G#m

I would love to suggest you a specific strumming pattern but there really isn’t any one that would fit the whole song. Most of it can be played with just continuous DOWN strokes. I encourage you to improvise and add more strokes wherever you feel like. Play your own version! 🙂

Here’s the song:


(E) / (F#) / (A) / (B) [just root notes]
(E5) / (F#5) / (A5) / (B5) [played every beat]
(E5) / (F#5) / (A5) / (B5) [background music starts]

(Singer joins in...)

(E)Dil ko samjha bujha ke
(F#m)Khud ko ullu banake
(A)Ullu seedha karta rehta (B)hai
(E)Jo woh toota nahi hai
(F#m)Khud se rootha nahi hai
(A)Phir kyun aise tubta rehta (B)hai

(A)Nakli dilaase, (G#m)farzi khulase
(F#m)Ghalati pe parde ye daa(E)le
(A)De kar ye jhaanse, (G#m)Khud ko hi phaanse
(F#m)Nuksaan mein dhoonde munaa(B)fe... [stop strumming]

[ Bewakoofi(A)yaan...
(F#m)Bematlab (B)betuki si
(F#m)Bekaar si, (B)buddhu si
(F#m)Bewajah Bewakoofi(E)yaan.. ] x2

(E) / (F#) / (A) / (B)

(E)Paara utra nahi hai
(F#m)Bilkul sudhra nahi hai
(A)Munh ke bal ye girta rehta (B)hai
(E)Ab bhi bigda nahi hai
(F#m)Sab kuch bikhra nahi hai
(A)Munh latka kyun phirta rehta (B)hai..

(A)Kitne dinon se (E)auron ko kose
(F#m)Kaisi ye zidd pe ad ga(E)ya..
(A)Koi toh toke, (E)kam se kam roke
(F#m)Kab tak khud ko dega ye dho(B)ke... [stop strumming]

(MUKHDA Again)
(F#m)Bematlab (B)betuki si
(F#m)Bekaar si, (B)buddhu si
(F#m)Bewajah Bewakoofi(E)yaan.. ] x2

(Don't strum, only hit the chords...)
(E)Aye nadaan re, (F#m)asaan hai re
(B)Inn hisso ko toh jod(E)na
(E)Kyun pareshaan hai
(F#m)Namushkil hai, (B)maafi ke bol bol(E)na

(Start strumming...)
(F#m)Aisi jhooti-muthi (G#m)kyun tadi hai maare
(A)Kya milega tu ba(B)ta
(F#m)Ab kya hisaab khole
(G#m)Tu kya aano pe tole
(A)Kya khoya hai kya haa(B)ra... [stop strumming]

(MUKHDA Again)
(F#m)Bematlab (B)betuki si
(F#m)Bekaar si, (B)buddhu si
(F#m)Bewajah Bewakoofi(E)yaan.. ] x2

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