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No Bollywood acoustic song collection is complete without reprise version of Bin Tere in the list. The genius duo of Vishal-Shekhar who are known for their youthful and exciting music have delivered an excellent acoustic cover of Bin Tere. What makes this song amazing is that the cover has been kept raw by avoiding mixing and reverbs. Only acoustic guitar accompanies the vocals. Play the chords with correct strumming and you will sound like original.

And if that was not good enough, the song itself is very easy to play on guitar. You don’t need much of barre chords or even a capo. Most of the basic open chords would be just fine. Check out the chords:

C G Am Em F

Just in the intro part two unique chords are played:

Cadd9 Cmaj7

Don’t worry these chords are really simple to play with a little practice.

The strumming pattern is a bit tricky but there is no better example than the song itself:


The chorus part needs special attention. In the line “Bin Tere Bin Tere Bin Tereee” chord changes from C to Em in half bar instead of full bar. What it means is play the C chord for first Bin Tere while strumming 1&2&3&4& and play Em chord for the next Bin Tere while playing strumming of 5&6&7&8&. Listen closely to get this part right.

Enjoy playing the song to accompany your solitude.

Bin Tere Reprise

Artist : Shekar Ravijiani
Composer : Vishal Shekhar
Writer : Kumaar

/ (Cadd9) (Cmaj7) / (Fmaj) % /
/ (Cadd9) (Cmaj7) / (Fmaj) % /

/ (C) % / (Em) % / (Am) % / (G) % /
/ (C) % / (Em) % / (Am) % / (G) % /
Hmmm... Hmmm...

Teri Ni(C)gahon Ke
Teri Hi (Am)Raahon Ke
Ka(G)reeb Se Gai Zinda(C)gi

Tujhe Kyun (C)Dekha Na
Tujhe Kyun (Am)Jana Na
Shi(G)kayatein Karun Ya Na(C)hi

Tha(Am)mi Hai Yeh Saasein
Bha(Em)ri Hai Yeh Aanhkein
Sa(F)hu Kaise Abb Yeh Fas(G)la

[ Bin (C)Tere Bin Te(Em)re Bin Te(F)reeee
Koi Kha(G)lish Hai Hawaon Mein
Bin (C)Tere (G) ] x 2

(Am) % / (Em) % / (Am) (G) / (C) % /
(Am) % / (Em) % / (Am) % / (G) % /
(C) (Em) / (C) % / (G) % / (C) % /

Kuch Ba(Em)cha Hi Nahi Darmi(Am)ya
Saaans (G)Leti Hai Abb Yeh Doori(C)yan
Dil Na(Em)hi Janta Raahon (Am)Mein
Haath (G)Se Haath Chuthe The Ka(C)han

Kyun Na(G)zar Ke Kinaare
Tute (F)Hai Khwaab Saare
Tu Ba(G)ta
Suna (G)Suna Sama Hai
Khali (C)Khali Jahan Hai
Ab Me(G)ra

Bin (C)Tere Bin Te(Em)re Bin Te(F)reeee
Koi Kha(G)lish Hai Hawaon Mein
Bin (C)Tere (G)

O Bin Tere Bin Tere Bin Tereeee

[stop strumming]
Koi Khalish Hai Haawaaon Mein Bin Tere

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