Jo Bhi Main Rockstar

So, how many of you loved the movie Rockstar? Loved it or not, you can’t really dislike the awesome music by A R Rahman! Amongst all the wonderful songs, the one that stands apart for me is Jo Bhi Main which essentially captures the crux of the whole movie very well.

The song revolves around one of the Jazz chords, Em7 – E minor 7th chord, although the song is by no means Jazzy :). (Is it just me or has A R Rahman recently used 7th chords in quite a few of his songs?) Another interesting chord is C6. Other than that it uses basic open chords like Gmaj and Dmaj. So beginners can easily play this song.

So how do you play this Em7 chord? Here is the chord representation:


Pretty simple. Hold the (very easy) Em chord with your 1st and 2nd finger. Now put your pinky (little finger) on the 2nd string, 3rd fret. Hit all the strings as the root note is open 6th string. Sounds nice? That’s Em7 chord.

C6 chord? Again very simple. Here’s the chord representation:


Hold the regular Cmaj chord and just lift your 3rd finger from the root note, 5th string to get the C6 chord.

Now that the chords are done, let’s talk about strumming pattern. The pattern that works for this song is this:

| 1&2& | 3&4& | 5&6& | 7&8& |
| D--- | D--U | -U-U | D--- |

This strumming pattern works for the whole song. You can ornament the pattern by adding more strokes at the end to make it sound richer.

Here’s the complete song. As always, let me know any suggestions

(Em7)Ya ya ya .. o yeah yeah .. ya ya .. oo oo ..


(Em7)Jo bhi main, (Em7)kehna chahoon
(Em7)Barbaad karein, (Em)alfaz mere, (Em)alfaz mere

(Em7)Oo yeah yeah .. oo oo .. ja ja ja ..


(G) Kabhi mujhe lagey ke jaise,
(D) saara hi yeh jahaan hai jadoo
(C6) Jo hai bhi aur nahin bhi hai yeh,
(D) fiza ghata hawa bahaarein

(G) Mujhe kare,(D) ishaare yeh
(C6) Kaise kahoon,(D) kahani main inki

(Em7)Jo bhi main, (Em7)kehna chahoon
(Em7)Barbaad karein, (Em)alfaz mere, (Em)alfaz mere

(Em7)Oo yeah yeah ..


(G) Maine yeh bhi socha hai aksar
(D) Tu bhi main bhi sabhi hai sheeshe
(C6) Khudhi ko hum sabhi main dekhein
(D) Nahin hoon main hoon main toh phir bhi

(G) Sahi galat,(D) tumhara main
(C6) Mujhe paana,(D) paana hai khud ko

(Em7)Jo bhi main, (Em7)kehna chahoon
(Em7)Barbaad karein, (Em)alfaz mere, (Em)alfaz mere

(Em7)Oo yeah yeah .. oo oo ..

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