Kabhi Jo Badal Barse Although I like Arijit Singh’s voice and many of his songs, this is not one of them. I am including it here for the sake of completeness and high demand. Kabhi Jo Badal Barse is a romantic number based on piano but with guitar in the background as well.

The song is in the key of C minor natural scale. So there are quite a few barre chords and minor chords. But you can simplify the chords by using a capo on 1st fret to bring the song down to Bm scale.

Chords in original C minor scale:

Cm Bb Ab Gm Fm

With a capo on 1st fret, chords change to:

Bm A G F#m Em

Play whatever you are comfortable with.

Strumming pattern is simple and often used:

| 1&2& | 3&4& | 5&6& | 7&8& |
| D--- | D--- | -U-U | -UDU |

Here’s the song:

Kabhi Jo Badal Barse

Kabhi Jo (Cm)Badal Bar(Bb)se
Main Dekhu Tujhe (Ab)Aankhe Bhar (Bb)Ke
Tu Lage Mujhe (Cm)Pehli Barish Ki Du(Gm)a

(Fm) / (Bb) / (Ab)
(Fm) / (Bb) / (Ab)

Tere Peh(Cm)lu Me Rah (Bb)Loon
Main Khud Ko (Ab)Pagal Keh (Bb)Loon
Tu Gam De Ya (Cm)Khushiyan Seh(Bb)lu Sathi(Gm)yan

(Eb) / (Bb) / x3
(Cm) / (Eb)

(Cm)Koi Nahi .. (Bb)
Tere Siva (Ab)Mera Yahan .. (Bb)
(Cm) Manzile .. (Bb) .. Hai Meri To (Ab)Sab Yahan .. (Bb)
Mita De Sabhi (Cm)Aaja Fas(Bb)le
Main Chahoon Mujhe (Ab)Mujhse Bant (Bb)Le
Zara Sa Mujh(Cm)me Tu Jhank (Bb)Le
Main Hoon (Gm)Kya

Similarly Antra 2

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