Maahi Ve, Highway 2014 A R Rahman is back with new music and I am back with new song of 2014 on my blog. If A R Rahman comes up with a new album, it definitely would show up on this blog :). Maahi Ve song is a great number from the upcoming Imtiaz Ali movie called Highway. The song has good love-preaching lyrics and I am hooked hearing this song.

The key of the song is Bb. You will need to know barre chords to comfortably play this song (With A R Rahman, it is hard to find a simple basic chords song). Chords used in the song are:

Bb Gm F C Dm

The song ‘Dooba Dooba’ from Lucky Ali uses similar chords (F Bb & C) though it is in the key of F.

For strumming pattern, I prefer to go along with the exact beats. You can play along this pattern:

| 1&2& | 3&4& |
| D-DU | UD-- |
| --M- | -M-- |

Use left hand muting (loosening the grip of the chord in left hand) for the down (D) strokes marked above. But as always, feel free to add more strokes as you like.

So here goes the song…

(Bb)Dhoop paani pe baras jaaye..
(Gm)Yeh.. saa(Gm)ye
ba(F)naaye, mi(F)taaye
(Bb)Main ka(F)hoon, aur (F)tu
aa (Gm)jaaye, beh(Bb)laaye
Har (F)doori shar(C)maaye

(Bb)Tu saath hai, ho (Bb)din raat hai
Par(F)chhaaiyan bat(C)laaye
(F)Tu saath hai... (F)din raat hai
Saaya (C)sa hai, maahi (C)ve! maahi (F)ve!

Meri (C)har baat mein saath (C)tu hai
Mahi (Bb)Ve! Maahi (Bb)Ve!
Mere (C)saare haalaat (F)tu
Maahi (F)ve aye (Bb)aye aye (Bb)ye.... (C)o..
Maahi (F)ye aye (Bb)aye aye (C)ye.... (F)o..

| (Dm) (Dm) | (Gm) (Gm) |
| (Bb) (Bb) | (Bb) (Dm) |

(Gm)Haaye sa(Gm)taaye, ma(F)naaye, sa(C)taaye
(Bb)Tu.. ru(Bb)laaye, han(C)saaye.. bhi (Gm)tu hi
Hum(Bb)saaye.. har (F)doori shar(C)maaye

(Bb)Tu saath hai, ho (Bb)din raat hai
Par(F)chhaaiyan bat(C)laaye
(F)Tu saath hai, ho (F)din raat hai
Saaya (C)saaya, maahi (C)ve, maahi (F)ve!

Meri (C)sab raaz, kal-aaj, (C)tu hai
Maahi (Bb)ve! maahi (Bb)ve!
Meri (C)har udaan ek (F)tu
Maahi (F)ve aye (Bb)aye aye (Bb)aye... (C)o..
Maahi (F)ye aye (Bb)aye aye (C)ye... (F)o..

| (F) (F) | (F) (C) |
| (F) (F) | (F) (C) |
| (Gm) (F) | (C) (C) |

(F)Yeh jeena bhi, (F)na jeena bhi
(Dm)Hai dono ka tumse hi vaasta
O.. (F)main hi to hoon (F)tera pataa

(Bb)Hai doosra naa koi raasta
Aaye (F)mujh tak woh tumko jo (F)ho dhoondhta
Meri (F)khaamoshiyon mein hai (C)tu bolta

(F)Yeh jeena bhi, (F)naa jeena bhi
(F)Jo bhi hua hai, woh (Gm)tumse hua...(F)

| (F) (F) | (F) (F) |
| (Dm) (Bb) | (F) (F) |
| (C) (Bb) | (Gm) (Dm) |

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