Palat Meri Jaan, Total Siyapaa Palat Meri Jaan from the movie Total Siyapaa is getting quite popular especially with girls as it is sung by Ali Zafar :). It’s a decent song but I decided to include it here because it is a great song for beginners to practice. The song is in the key of D major scale and uses basic open chords. So if you know these simple open chords then you are good to go:

D Bm G

Em A F#m

F#m is the only barre chord here. If you find it difficult to play, play A instead which will also be fine.

The strumming pattern is very regular 16 beat pattern often found in many songs:

| 1&2& | 3&4& | 5&6& | 7&8& |
| D-D- | D-DU | -UD- | D-DU |

Remember to hit the strings 4,5,6 in DOWN stroke and 1,2,3 in UP strokes (a rule applicable for almost all songs).

This song uses a common chord progression in the key of D major scale (I – vi – IV – V) which means chords D, Bm, G and A. But you don’t play the whole strumming pattern for each chord. Here’s how you the ‘Palat Meri Jaan’ line:

| D -- | ---- | ---- | ---- |
| Bm-- | --G- | ---- | ---- |
| D -- | ---- | ---- | ---- |
| 1&2& | 3&4& | 5&6& | 7&8& |
| D-D- | D-DU | -UD- | D-DU |

For D chord, play the whole pattern once, then play Bm chord and change to G chord at 4th stroke. So Bm and G are played together in a single pattern then back to D as usual. Practice along with the song to get it right.

Finally, the song:

(D)Halki halki (Bm)khushboo si tum (G)ho
Jaise (A)subaho ka jaadu ho
(D)Dheemi dheemi (Bm)iss pal mein tum (G)ho
Jaise (A)jharne mein baadal ho
Tum(D)he chhu lun toh tum (G)ud jaao
Tumko (D)pakdo toh sharma ja(A)ao

Palat meri (D)jaan
Kuch me(Bm)ri sun, kuch (G)apni su(D)naa
Mujhko (G)seene se le tu la(D)ga
Meri (Em)dhadkan hui hai ja(A)waan

Palat meri (D)jaan
Tu me(Bm)ra din tu (G)meri su(D)bah
Meri (G)khaamoshiyon ki (D)sadaa
Mere (Em)ishq ki tu inte(A)haa

(D) / (G) / (Bm) / (Em)
(D) / (Bm) / (A) / (A) /

(D)Oas mein chhalki (G)boondon jaisi ho
(Bm)Subahon mein chhanti (A)kirno jaisi
(G)Jis rut mein ho, (A)khil jaaye woh
(Bm)Geeton mein lafzon ki ta(Em)rah
(A)Meethe suron ka ho ba(D)yaan.. (Em) hmm(A)m..

Main pa(D)lak jhapku toh tum (Em)aa jaao
Thandi (F#m)saanson ko garma (G)jaao
Palat meri (D)jaan..
Ishq (Bm)tera hi (G)mera ja(D)haan
Rooh (Bm)mein meri (G)tera gu(D)maan
Teri (Bm)chaahat mein, main hoon fa(A)naa

Palat meri (D)jaan..
Dekha (Bm)hai maine (G)tujhme Khu(D)da
Hai i(Bm)baadat te(G)ri har a(D)daa
Mere (Bm)ishq ki (Em)tu inte(A)haa.. (D)ho...

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