MTV Splitsvilla

The Agnee Band was roped in to create theme music for MTV Roadies and Splitsvilla, and they delivered on both occasions! The theme song of Splitsvilla is especially enthralling with beautiful percussion by Mohan, the lead singer.

The song uses some simple as well as barre based minor chords. A little work on your side will get you up and playing this song in no time.

Chords used in the song:
D: xx0232
Bm: 224432 / 799777
Em7: 022030 / 779787
F#m7: xx2222 / 99(11)9(10)9
Am: x02210
C: 032010
A: x02220

In the intro just pluck the chords from the thickest string to the thinnest string. After plucking, strum the 2nd and 4th chords (Bm & F#m7 respectively) Use the barre version here.

The Intro goes like this: D – Bm – Em7 – F#m7

Rest of the mukhda is simply a strumming of the above 4 chords in that order (the simple open version will do).

For the antra part, the chord goes like this:

Am – D (3 times)

Cmaj – Gmaj – Amaj (once)

Back to normal D – Bm – Em7 – F#m7

That’s all there is to this song. Enjoy!

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