Hai Guzarish, Ghajini What a beautiful song this is! I especially enjoy the lyrics of the song. The song is based on simple chords and a basic strumming pattern is enough. Since I was getting a lot of request to put up this song, I have added it here. This song is good for beginners to practice chords.

The strumming pattern can be used as such:
D – | D – | DDU- | DUDU

If you can suggest an alternate strumming pattern, please let me know in the comments.

The starting tune goes something like this:

E --------12-10-12-15-----------------------------12-10-12-15-----------
B -10-10---------------12-13-12--12-10--------10--------------12-13-12--
G ---------------------------------------12-----------------------------
D ----------------------------------------------------------------------
A ----------------------------------------------------------------------
E ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Repeat the above tune four times.

In place of Asus2, Am chord can also be played but Asus2 sounds more appropriate.


Tu (Asus2)Meri Adhuri (Em7)Pyaas Pyaas
Tu (Asus2)Aa gayi Man Ko (Em7)Raas Raas
Ab (C)To

Tu (Asus2)Meri Adhuri (Em7)Pyaas Pyaas
Tu (Asus2)Aa gayi Man Ko (Em7)Raas Raas
Ab (Asus2)To Tu Aaja (Em7)Paas Paas ... Hai Gu(Em7)zarish

Hai (Asus2)haale to dil ka (Em7)tang tang
Tu (Asus2)rang ja mere (Em7)rang rang
Bas (Asus2)chalna mere (Em7)sang sang ... hai gu(C)zarish

(Dm)Keh de tu han to zindagi
(C)Chainon se chootke hasegi
(E)Moti honge moti rahon mein ...
(Asus2)Yeh ye ye yeh ...

Mukhda Again

Antra 1

(Dm)Sheeshe Ke Khwaab Leke
(Dm)Raaton Mein Chal Raha Hoon
(C)Takraana Jaoon Kahin

(Dm)Aasha Ki Lau Hain Roshan
(Dm)Phir Bhi Toofan Ka Dar Hain
(C)Lau Bhuj Na Jaye Kahin

(A#)bas Ek haan ki Gu(F)zarish
(A#)phir hogi khushiyon ki (F)baarish

Mukhda Again

Hmm ... Hmm Hmm Hmm.. Hmm...
Play the chords: Asus2 Em7 C Asus2

Antra 2 same as Antra 1

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