Hello friends!

Hope you all are doing excellent! For the past whole week (probably more), I and my friends had been busy with the all important forum of our college!

ZENITH (Zeal of Engineers in Technical Harmony)

This forum is a mix of sports and cultural activities. Among the various sports involved, football is a game which is highly anticipated and exciting apart from tug-of-war! And our team won the football title! Hurray!

Check out the photos. It was quite a muddy event in the end! Just before the start of the final match, it started raining cats and dogs. But it was decided to go ahead with the match and in any case, football isn’t affected by rains. And after that the match was as slippery as the ground itself! What was a few moments back a beautiful grassy ground; it took unnaturally short time to turn into a muddy pool which felt like ice to slide on! Must have fallen at least a dozen times! The photos will give you a general idea of what exactly happened.

The match went into penalty shootout as scoring goals was not easy at all, given the conditions. And finally we won 3-1!

Another gold medal and a certificate to show off!

Football Champion!


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