Last Month, I ran a poll asking my readers about their favorite guitar type.

The results are quite interesting and it really heartened me to see that people still prefer to start learning guitar with an acoustic version rather than an electric one.

Acoustic Guitar clearly dominated with 254 of the 411 people opting for acoustic while 63 people chose electric guitar. 82 people are good with both acoustic as well as electric which is a positive sign.

Favorite Guitar Type Poll Results

I have always told my readers to start learning with an acoustic guitar. This helps them to get a good idea about playing guitar and helps avoid getting wrong habits which is quite to easy to obtain from an electric guitar. Moreover, transition from acoustic to electric guitar is much simpler than the reverse way.

Another reason why acoustic is preferred is because it doesn’t require any setup. Just pick it up and start playing. The results also indicate that people tend to learn guitar usually to accompany their solitude rather than joining a rock band, at least among my readers. Either way, it is good.

I would like to have your views on this. Why do you think Acoustic has won over Electric? Is there any need of change for it? Post away in the comments section.

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