Hello friends! What’s up with you guys?

The month of April, though dedicated to fools, has made me work like a fool all along. Right from the start of this month, heat and responsibilities have constantly been on the rise. At the end of the first week, I feel myself to have worked like a troll for one thing or other.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, practical vivas were scheduled this month. After messing up all that, a new job was entrusted on we 3rd years: Give farewell to final year students on 13th of, of course April. I have been running here & there since then for finding a good lawn in Nagpur, decoration, catering, gifts and what not! Oh but did I mention how much we friends are enjoying? As one of my friend put it, “It’s now that we are feeling the thrill of college and all its challenges!”. Yes, to be given full responsibility of planning, arranging, managing and finally executing an event without the help of any teacher is really a good experience.

Still, lot is remaining to be done and the task is not yet that difficult. Add to that our Pre-University Exams (PUT’s) from 7th to 12th of, yes you are right April, and we have something which we can only face in college!

At present, this farewell is everything to us, as we love our seniors a lot! The enjoyment which we have had with seniors all through this years spent in college, we have found no where else. They can rightly be called the role-models for us. They have actually taught us how to manage events, time with our study. We assure them of one thing, a farewell which they will not be able to forget for many many years to come!

Won’t be posting at least till 13th of, you know which month!


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