I am back!

Well, not that small really. Four months of inactivity is quite significant for a blog, ain’t it?

I have been very busy with my first day job at Tech Mahindra. Being a fresher, I had to undergo training for 3 months which meant putting invisible chains and locks on this blog! What with classes during the day and practice through the night, it was impossible to update the blog on a regular basis. I came to know the meaning of hectic life during that time. But my training days have been amazing and it warrants a post of its own. Maybe I might think of writing on that sometime later…

Moreover, my personal PC, the development server for this blog, also missed me all this time. Working from someone else’s PC for my blog felt like I was treating my daughter unfairly (yes you thought right: I consider my blog a female… somehow it helps me keep going… if you know what I mean!). Hence, I decided to pause for the time being and resume as soon as possible.

Now, I am into regular project work so life is not as hectic as before. I got myself a Dell Studio 15 laptop and I am loving it. Will write a post about my laptop too! With an unlimited Internet connection at my disposal, I am all set to give you all more songs to learn and practice!

Hope you all have been practicing your guitar with the same fervor as before. Let’s get started!

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