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Photo by Snapr would be completing its first year come January 2009. She was born as a personal blog to showcase my talents and writing skills to the blogosphere. But the turning point came when I decided to publish chords of a song I had mastered on my guitar during my early years. I am glad I did. I could never have imagined the kind of response I received leading me to post more and more songs. After nine months readers have appreciated my efforts and love the blog.

You Can Also Contribute to the Community

My endeavor is to build a community where people can come to see and understand chords and tabs of their favorite songs and also share their own expertise.

Let me be clear on this. I do not intend to build a forum where anybody can come and post their information. At least not yet. There is the comments feature for all your doubts and queries which the experts here are more than happy to reply to. If you think you have something to share with the community in the form of chords, tabs, leads, lessons, tutorials and other general information, then I invite you to join in as a Regular Contributor. Let’s make it a better place for everybody.

What Does Being a Regular Contributor Mean?

It’s simple. If you are selected as a Regular Contributor, you would be required to post information related to guitar depending upon your interests and what you like most. Your posts will be in your name so you will get full credit for your work along with complete responsibility! Your name will be listed on the blog under Regular Contributors section along with a link to your website (if any).

In short you will be working for the community instead of just being part of it.

Ok, I am in! How Do I Apply?

If you have decided to join and start sharing your skills with the community, fill out the application form. Your application will be reviewed and correspondence will be done as soon as possible. For any queries and questions, contact me.

Abhinav Sonkar

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