Authors are known to create immortal characters that live through ages and eras, but for the first time an author, J. K. Rowling (JKR), has been successful in creating an entirely new world blended to perfection with our own. This world will remain amongst the minds of the readers for a long time to come, critics have acknowledged. Harry Potter will become a synonym for greatness, truth and love.

Harry Potter, a series spanning 10 years, is the only series as yet that has interlaced with my life. Though I have read Sherlock Holmes’ every story, I could only guess the kind of excitement it might have generated amongst the readers. But with this series, I realized how a book can take the world by storm and how it affects people. Never before had I waited so eagerly for a book to release.

The journey has been special. I came to know about the existence of the series when it was in its 4th avatar. Yes, I didn’t read the book in the order expected, but that was nullified. I read each book so many times that the sequence didn’t matter. The thing that I liked most about JKR was the understanding of her characters. Right from Harry Potter to the most inconsequential character of the book, she knew their personality, if that’s the right word. This made the characters very easy to relate to oneself and made the book that much more enjoyable. The Harry Potter series highlights great qualities of a normal person and thus makes a good read for children.

But the most interesting thing about this whole series is the seventh book! The book which held the darkest as well as the brightest secrets! The suspense of more than a decade was to be unraveled. Lots of promises were to be fulfilled and quite many were delivered too. But somewhere, the book fell short of expectation. The book lacked the impact, the thrust that was the hallmark of all other books in the series. But all this is subject to every person’s judgment. JKR in an interview before the launch of the book had said that some will love the book while others might even hate it. There must have been some reason behind these words. She knew this book was different. This book would reveal old secrets unlike the earlier six books which introduced us to totally new plots. So for some, this might fall under their expectations. But, personally, she did seem flat to me and could have presented the same thing in a much more influential way. But I don’t want to get into that debate.

Overall, I would like to mention that this series has been amazing for me. It acted as a pain-killer, took me out of boredom, and widened my area of thought, apart from improving my English a bit!

I am giving the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows e-book here for download. It is not easily available on the internet as yet.

Download Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Ebook

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