Finally, 6th semester exams have ended! One of the papers has gone horribly wrong which is worrying me but what the hell! Holidays are here! Have been waiting for this period for so long… Life looks much more pleasant from this side of the exams! And since the exams were held on time, our college has given us holidays of 20 days! This is the first time this has happened since I started engineering! Next session starts on 18th June, though of course, hostelites won’t be returning before the 1st of next month and so would I!

There are many things on my mind for these holidays. First of all, I gonna join swimming classes to get some regular exercise. I hate gym and am never able to convince myself to get up and go. Twice have I joined a gym (different one!) and stopped going, so I am not going to waste more money on it. I have also planned on joining a badminton club.. I love that game! ..and I am quite good too!

My MBA classes will be commencing from 4th of next month. Till now I haven’t given much time and thought to it, so now I will have to be serious about it.

Now I must move on. Haven’t touched my guitar for quite a long time. Let’s rock! I wanna enjoy the holidays. Will be posting few chords and tabs. So watch out the Guitar section!


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