Hello friends!

Writing after a long time. After a lot of head-banging and skimming through different blog troubleshooting and forum administrating websites, I finally managed to put a PHP5-MySQL4 based authentication system in place which screens IEEE members from normal users. A straightforward job finished in two nights.

Check out the website here:

Preview of IEEE GHRCE Website.


Hmm..not a good link to give. I am thinking of buying a domain name for this. Hope the college people realize the value of a good domain name soon.

Well, past 2 days have been tough guys. Practical journals to complete, graphs to be drawn, print-outs to be taken and what not! Tomorrow internal viva of Communication Electronics. In fact the coming week is bane. Pre-University examinations too! I have heard that the timings for these exams is from 2 to 5 in the afternoon! Yes you read right. 2pm to 5pm. What the heck! Why can’t they have it in the morning? It would make no difference to our preparation. That is going to remain same.

Now I have to get a completed practical file of my friend and finish the pending work. Add to all this the website work and you will realize what it means to have your hand fully in hot sand! (oh! what am I saying?!)

Apart from making some forums for my site, not much work is left so I will quickly do that and get into some serious practical work. But come what may I will never be able to study for the viva. So I have stopped trying!

Take Care!

I love you all!

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