IIM Bangalore GD/PI Experience
Hello folks!

I am posting this quite late as I had my external practicals of 8th sem in between. My IIM-B GD/PI was on 1st April. I was the only fresher in my batch, rest all had 2-3 years experience. Here’s a brief overview.

Personal Info

10th: 86% (CBSE)
12th: 83% (CBSE)
B.E. (Electronics and Telecomm): 61%
No work experience. Final year student.

Interview Date

Interview was at Hospitality Management Applied Training Centre, Dadar, Mumbai.
Date: 1st April
Time: 9am

GD Case

A company called ‘Healthy Burgers’ makes burgers (of course!). It is doing well but people are complaining about the quality of the burgers. It is oily and unhygienic. The CEO of the company insists that they use Olive Oil for their burgers and it is absolutely safe. They can’t allow the kitchens to be open for everyone for competitive reasons. The CEO does television ads eating burgers along with his employees to prove his point.

At the age of 48, the CEO dies due to cardiac arrest. He was a heavy smoker and drinker. The company is now in trouble with its public image. What should be the short-term, mid-term and long-term plans for the company to correct the situation?

My GD was ok, came up with 2-3 points but others came up with even better points and overall the discussion was quite good. I decided to listen and jot down the points for a good summary.
Apart from summary, 20th century personality and ‘How IIMB fits in your career plan’ questions had to be answered.


I was the 5th person to be interviewed. There were 2 professors, a lady (LP) and a gentleman (GP). I walked in and wished them. GP told me to sit down.

LP was having my SOP. That’s where most of the questions originated from.
LP: So, you have graduated from the Electronics and Telecommunication.
Me: Yes mam.

GP: Can I see your file while she asks the questions?
Me: Sure, sir… (I handed him the file.)

LP had some doubts regarding the application form I had sent to them… so cleared it.

GP: So, you are in G. H. Raisoni College of Engg. (more of a statement than a question)
Me: Yes sir.

GP: It is affiliated to Nagpur University, I believe?
Me: Yes sir.

GP: So it is very difficult to get 1st division in Nagpur University?
Me: No sir… blah… blah (Knew this was going to come so was prepared.)

LP: What’s the strength of your class?
Me: Around 60 students.

LP: Where would you rate yourself in your class?
Me: Er… Top 30%. (They were coming at me from every direction!)

LP: That would be 15-20.
Me: Yes mam.

LP: Ok. What have you written here? (indicating the SOP and reading out) “I currently own 2 websites.”? Are you some kind of moderator?
Me: (This was my strong area!) Told them about my websites, what I write on it, how many visitors I am getting each month and day. More questions on the niche I was following for my websites.

LP: Why is Google search better than Yahoo, if at all?
Me: Told them google was faster, had better algorithm, had very few ads etc… Explained in detail here as well.

LP: (Smiling) Oh, Google doesn’t show ads on its pages?
Me: yes it shows but it doesn’t entertain third party ads… told them about Google Ads, their funda and how I use it on my website as well.

LP: So you are earning from your websites?
Me: Yes mam.

LP: How much?
Me: I started monetizing my website in January, this year and since then I have earned $5.5.

They both looked at each other.

LP: This is interesting. Please explain how you earn money from your website.
Me: Again went into all the small details of making money online, differentiated between blogging and web publishing.

GP: What are other sources of revenues apart from advertising?
Me: Affiliate Marketing… went into details of that. Told few others as well… there were many others but I couldn’t recollect all of them.

For 20 minutes, I was shot with questions relating to making money through websites. I wasn’t complaining coz that was exactly what I wanted. What I hadn’t expected was that they wouldn’t ask anything else at all! No technical questions related to my graduation, no regular questions except…

LP: Coming back, why you wanna do MBA?
Me: blah… blah… mumbled something about developing personality.

LP: (laughing) but this is no personality development programme!
Me: (smiling) Yeah but I believe MBA helps in building personality as well.

LP: Oh, you do? (still smiling a lot)
Me: Yes, I do. (giving back the smile in equal measure!)

LP: Ok, (looking towards GP) anything else?

GP shook his head. He had a doubt regarding one of my certificates. Cleared it.

LP: Alright, thank you. Best of Luck!
Me: Thank You.

I wished them and came out.

Of the 25 minutes interview, more than 20 minutes were spent on my website building itself. As I look back, I think it was a good interview. Let’s see what happens on 11th April.


Here’s the SOP that I had sent.

Carving out a niche in computers has always been my aim. It not only fascinates me but the satisfaction it brings inspires me to work harder to attain that goal.

Though I will be graduating from Electronics & Telecommunications branch, I have developed a considerable expertise in computers solely due to my own efforts and interest. I realized the potential of web publishing via the numerous interactions with people of similar backgrounds during my responsibilities as Vice Chairperson of IEEE in my college. Currently I own two websites which target the niche of safe and effective computing. My effective communication skills and leadership qualities were highly appreciated after I successfully conducted the national level technical festival KRITI 2008 at my college. I have won many prizes for essay-writing and calligraphy at school. I love to play my acoustic guitar and have performed in the cultural events of my college. I share a very good rapport with my friends and colleagues.

The PGP programme at IIM-B, with its excellent technical associations and highly experienced faculty would help me implement my ideas into a successful venture.

What do you think friends?

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