Rangoli made by my sis!
Hello friends!

I would like to wish all my readers a very very delightful and prosperous Diwali! My favorite festival is back and I simply love the sound of crackers bursting, lamp glowing and diyas burning all around me… Ah! How can I forget the sweets and dishes which are a treat for a gourmand like me! Pure besan ka ladoo is my favorite.

My celebrations of Diwali has gone a sea of change from wild & uninhibited enthusiasm to subtle greeting-card like expressions! But I believe that like everything else it will come a full circle one day. The place that I live now has got a wonderful terrace with horizon visible in almost every direction. Rockets zooming everywhere lit up the night sky presenting a breathtaking view. It feels nice to look around and let the light come to you, the center of it all!

Have a wonderful and safe Diwali!

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