Yo guys!

Hope you all are fine and rocking!

After a long time, I managed to find another free PHP Webhost to get my Modern School Forum (MSF) up & running… Its almost 3-4 months since the forum died on my earlier webhost.. In any case, as long as you are looking for free webhost, you will have to keep jumping from one host to another..and the current one gives 10GB! So not expecting much of a lifetime from it.

Getting away from all this crap, today was a fine day..My viva went fine though as usual and as expected my teacher hated and taunted me as much as she could. I never get to understand what’s inside me that she hates. I respect her so much yet maybe as they say sometimes you meet people in life with whom you never get along, kitna bhi koshish kar lo! I think she is one of that person!

Most of my evening & a part of night went in completing the next practical file as I have submission tomorrow also.

Well guys, time to leave. Take care.

Catch you soon!

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