The National Level Technical Festival KRITI ’08 is going to be held at my college, G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering on 28th & 29th February. With the responsibility of creating a website for the same with the feature of online registration, here’s what I came up with:

Kriti Website Preview

The basic template was taken from as I am not much of a web designer. The interesting part for me lay in the designing of online registration feature. Certain requirements were to be met like taking the personal information about the applicant along with the event they were interested in.

Now I am a quite laid back guy (though my friends say I am lazy… sigh! How short-sighted they are!). The work of replying to every applicant with the same email was too boring for a dynamic person like me! So I automated it using PHP so that every applicant would receive an immediate confirmation upon registration. Not a big deal of course, but feels good. I had thought that this should do it all but a new problem arose. All the different event heads were eating my head (pun intented!) asking me to send all online registrations of their respective events to them as soon as possible. Now I couldn’t be online all the time so I decided to automate this process as well. It was very easy. I took the emails of all the event heads and sent a carbon copy of the notifying email to the respective heads according to the event for which registration was done. Here’s how I did it:

The event was to be selected using a drop down box so that the applicant could not play with the event name at all! On parallel lines I created an array holding emails of event heads with the key of the array elements matching those in the drop down box. Now selecting the corresponding email was damn easy. A statement like the following was enough to chose the correct email id:

$a->Cc( $event_head_email[$events] );

// $events - The selected option from the drop down menu.
// $event_head_email - Array containing email ids of various event heads.

Now I just sit back and relax. I took out all the human elements in the whole process of getting an online applicant, replying to them for confirmation and notifying the right people about the online registration according to the event. Now I could concentrate myself on other jobs of managing the event!

You can take a look at what I am talking about on

Right now I am hell lot of busy with managing the event. I call all engineering students to participate in the event!

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