Hello friends!


I am really feeling very proud to present before you my second and more hopeful website: http://www.xsrealities.com. You might have been wondering why there were so less post on my blog… now you know the reason!

So, xsrealities.com is basically my venture into a commercial website where I will write articles about my second best expertise: Computers. The tag line of the website is Your Personal Computing Guide. My focus would be on making computer use an easier and wonderful experience espically for beginners who are usually thrilled to have a new computer in front of them but are totally clueless about what has to be done with it! Moreover, I would be recommending various softwares for all uses, tutorials for regular computer usage and much more.

So, today, 1st of Feb 2008, I make my website live and I hope you all will help me reach my goals for this website.

Don’t worry, I will be posting on this blog as well… probably on weekends.


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