Hello friends!

Hope you all have been excellent all the way! In my last post I had mentioned about the Farewell which we were giving to the final year students of Electronics Dept. of my Engineering College. Finally, all the hard work has paid off! And how!

For the first time in the history of our college, the farewell took place outside the college campus. Well, that was not as easy as it seems! After failing to get permission to conduct the farewell outside college due to some silly policy decisions, we decided to make it a private event altogether… No college banner, no financial help. But that didn’t mean no teacher support!! They were with us, right from encouraging us to hold the event outside, to supporting the cultural team to give their best. With teachers on our side, the event had to be a success in every letter!

But alas! As hard as we tried, the teachers couldn’t be present at the function to savour the fruits of their own hard works… But that didn’t let the spirits down. The response of the final year students was as soothing to the ears as it was a contentment to the heart!

If we are proud of anything, it is that we dared to tread the untraveled path. We showed that with determination and perseverance, no difficulty is too big. We set a new trend which will be emulated for years to come! The aftermath of this event proved it. The Farewell of Computer Science Dept. was also held outside college, though again without the college support.

Check out the photo albums which have captured the mood of the party!



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