guitar chord sheet book
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Starting to learn Guitar Chords? Need all chords in one page so that you can quickly refer them? Look no further. This page lists most of the chords that you will ever need to know to play any Hindi song. There may be thousands of chords but these are all that you really need to know.

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NOTE: Please use Google Chrome to see all the chord shapes properly.

Basic Open Chords

First and foremost, the chords that you must know are the Basic Open Chords. They are listed below:

Em Dm Am
Suspended Chords

Next in the list is Suspended Chords. Check out the lesson on suspended chords in detail.

Asus4 Dsus4 Esus4
Asus2 Dsus2
Dominant 7th Chords

Once you have dealt with the suspended chords, the next set of chords you should know are the Dominant 7th chords. These chords often come up in Bollywood songs. The most famous one that comes to mind is the song Jo Bhi Main from Rockstar.

A7 D7 E7

C7 G7 B7

Barre Chords

Finally, the chords that should be mastered are the Barre chords. These intermediate level chords will allow you to play almost any Hindi songs you like. Here is a detailed lesson on Barre chords.

E shape barre chords

F G:2 A:3

Fm Gm:2 Am:3

F7 G7:2 A7:3

Fm7 Gm7:2 Am7:3

A shape barre chords

C:2 D:3 E:4

Bm Cm:2 Dm:3

C7:2 D7:3 E7:4

Bm7 Cm7:2 Dm7:3

Not able to see the chord diagram? Open this page in Google Chrome to view the chord diagrams properly.