Learn to Play Guitar
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Ok, so you have been through it innumerable times. Right from childhood you thought of mastering that wonderful instrument. You always dreamt of playing it and impressing your friends.


There comes a long list of excuses, ahem ahem… reasons why you didn’t do it.

Stop giving excuses, will you?

Probably, you have crossed 30… or 40… or even more. How long will you wait? How long will you keep thinking, “Gosh! Let me get some free time, then I will definetely start learning guitar. I am sure next month there won’t be so much work!”

That time would never come. Whatever free time you have, you have it right now. You can choose to either learn something or just continue ranting about how hectic your life is.

Now let me give you 7 reasons why you should consider learning guitar.

7. It’s an Art

Yes, it is a beautiful art. And it is a wonderful instrument. It helps you to develop your romantic understanding of rationality. Praticing any art does that. Learning guitar is one of the easier ways to do it.

6. Have a boy/girl friend? Impress them!

Guitar, as a musical instrument, has always carried a glam-quotient which other instruments don’t even come close to… barring the drums, I guess. It is always considered very stylish and cool to be able to play the guitar, whatever your age! Not just your partner, it feels great to play it amongst your group of friends.

Once when I was traveling by train, one of the co-passengers, an aunty, sang the song Luka Chuppi, while I played my guitar alongside. It still cheers me up to think of that memory… and the pat on the back!

5. A Hobby to be proud of!

Playing guitar can be a good addition to your extra-curricular activities. A good hobby to develop and present rather than stamp-collection and coin-collection!

In my technical interview of Tech Mahindra, I was asked about my hobbies (obviously!). When I told them I played guitar, the next 4-5 questions where on guitar itself. It turned out that my interviewer was a guitar enthusiast himself! The whole interview transformed into a pleasant chat and an exchange of knowledge.

4. Don’t just Listen to Music, Play it!

Most of my friends are music lovers. They have a very good ear and appreciate good music. But why stop there? Why not learn to play the music which you love listening to? Believe me, the feeling of being able to produce a tune is way more amazing than to just hear it through your i-pod. You got to feel it, to appreciate it.

For me, it was the most important motivation to finally pick up the guitar and start playing.

3. Give an Outlet to your locked-up Emotions

Are you an introvert person? Do you tend to keep your emotions to yourself rather than flood it over some poor soul?! Then you got to learn the guitar, or for that matter any instrument. It’s an excellent way to express your feelings and emotions.

Feeling sad? Play a slow, monotonous tune. Feeling rebellious? Get on to some hard hitting chords! Feeling cheerful? Create your own tune! The feeling of not being understood will cease to exist. Your friends will know your mood just by listening to your guitar!

2. A Companion for Solitude

Are you alone at home with nothing to do? Pick up the guitar and play some of your favorite tunes. Not only have you spent your time in a worthwile manner, you have also got yourself a bit of practice under your belt! Can there be a better way of spending your free time?

1. It’s Pure Bliss… Playing the Guitar

When I finally decided to start learning the guitar (during my first year of Engg.), I did not aim to be part of a rock band some day, or to become a musician. I wanted to learn it for myself (yes, I was being selfish!). I wanted to play the guitar just for the sake of playing. No purpose. No motive. Just being able to play it gave me lots of motivation, peace and serenity. You don’t have to be a great player to derive pleasure from playing the guitar.

If you have no other reason or motivation to learn guitar, I would suggest you to go ahead and learn it… just to experience the bliss that comes from being able to play it. You would never regret it.

So when are you going to start playing Guitar? Or have you already started playing guitar? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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