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I would like to stress on the art of listening especially for new guitarists..It is very likely that due to todays technology age, we have the required information at our finger tips…a few searches and we have the chords….It is good but i would also suggest the newbies to simultaneously train their ears for finding the chords of the song….

Here are a few pointers that will help you improve your ear:

  1. Listen to the song a number of times first until you can imagine the tune and the music even without listening!
  2. Once you get the feel of the song, find which key the song is in. The key of the song is usually the FIRST chord that is played in the song.
  3. Using the chord progressions, you can find the chords of that song. Once done, play along with the song for a number of times.
  4. Practicing the strumming along with the song will develop your skills for the future rather than directly seeing from the net….try different strumming patterns and see the best which suits the song.
  5. This exercise will be very difficult in the start but gradually with practice it will be much more easy…

Friends, it is important to understand listening for developing yourself as a guitarist…If u can read music through your heart, then getting the rest will be very easy for you ..:-)…So tune in now and start strumming…!

This post is written by our regular contributor Abhishek Manjrekar, who has been playing guitar for over 6 years and is part of an Hindi POP band, Tatva.

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