I had been thinking about introducing this feature for a long time, though never actually got about doing it. But finally, here it is live for you as much as it is for me!

Recently, I lost a very good friend forever (and much more)… though for the purpose of this blog, it suffices to say that I lost a good source of new songs which are perfect for the guitar. I needed help on this, so I thought why not ask it from my beloved readers?

Guitar Songs Suggestion

Photo Credit: Amma. Stephie Val

There are lots of wonderful guitar songs, old and new. With wonderful artists like A R Rahman, SEL etc. delivering songs with everlasting melody, new songs based on guitar will keep coming up. I consider it my duty and passion to deliver new songs at the earliest to all you guitar enthusiasts who want to play those songs! But what with hectic office schedule, coupled with my aversion to television (my close friends can vouch for that!), I find it difficult to keep track of new songs. Hence this form.

It would not be possible for me to cover each and every one of them but with your suggestions and based on the song popularity, I will be able to decide which songs to go for and which to be left behind.

So I request you to use the Song Suggestion Form (link available in the sidebar), instead of pinging me on GTalk or scrapping me on Orkut (my scrapbook is flooded with requests! No complains there!!) or mailing me. I welcome guitar-related doubts on those medium of communication and would try to resolve it at the earliest, but if you want chords of any song or want to suggest one, use the form.

Visit the Song Suggestion Form

And yes, I almost forgot! Please suggest / request Bollywood songs only (Hindi). I have already got many requests for Marathi / Bengali songs… I am sorry I can’t help you out there! Google is your best friend (after me of course!)

Take Care! Happy Guitarin’ !!

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