It’s been a while since I posted about what’s going on with me. That is how I had started with but a personal blog is best left to drift along with the wind.

Lots has happened since then. I have completed my engineering and awaiting results. During these holidays I launched my second blog with full force! I had a taste of working full time on my blogs and I realized that discipline and organization are a must to be a leader here like anywhere else.

Now my holidays are coming to an end as I am going to join Tech Mahindra to get on with my first job. The transition from a student to an employee is round the corner. It is always an exciting feeling to be doing something new and unknown. I am entering into IT sector. Some would say, that in itself is an adventure. Well, I hope it is!

This is also the time when I will be leaving my parents house for a new place. The time has come to look after myself, to wash my own underwear (which I have never done before!), to lead an unbarred life. It’s time for some changes.

But if only life was like an apple, sweet from every side! Last Friday I went for a movie with my friends. Most of those friends I may never see again. Of course in this age of cyberspace, you will be creepy to whine about missing friends but the joy of being together is something social networking will always lack. For how long will that togetherness last? Everything that has a beginning will have an end. All we can do is take the beautiful memories with us and share it with those that are waiting at the horizon.

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