Last month, I ran a poll on the blog asking my readers what technique did they find tough to learn on the guitar?

The results are very interesting. Overview suggests that readers found Chords to be tougher to learn than Scales.

Personally, I was able to learn the chords quite naturally and without much conscious effort other than regular practice. But it depends on a lot of factors. Some people have a better understanding of rhythms than others; this makes learning chords very easy because strumming is an essential part of playing chords. Similarly, flexible fingers can help you play the scales easily. This is the reason why the poll result is almost equally distributed in favor of Chords and Scales.

Which Guitar Technique Did You Find Most Difficult To Learn

48 readers found Chords difficult to learn whereas 38 readers found Scales as more difficult among the 104 votes casted.

So, what do you find more difficult and why?

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