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It is time for a new poll here at AbhinavSonkar.com. Please excuse me as this poll is not at all related to guitar, but I thought this would still be interesting enough to find out!

So here goes…

Which 3 Idiots character do you think you are? (Be honest!)

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The movie 3 Idiots has touched all our hearts. And that is all because of the 3 idiots who help us realize the fallacies within our system and in us too. Be it the god-fearing Raju, the satisfied-with-everything Farhan or the heart-following, happy-go-lucky Rancho! Equally interesting is the character of Chatur who expertises in deteriorating the environment around him with his silent missiles! The cute Pia is highly appealing. And finally, the dangerous VIRUS BUDDHA ! As the director of a top college, he manages to terrorize us with his uncharacteristic style of speaking and personality!

So who do you think tunes with you the most? Whom do you resemble? Let’s be honest and try to improve upon our shortcomings.

In the end, whatever you are and whatever you have gone through, just tap your heart and say, Aall Izz Well !

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