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I had been receiving a lot of requests from my readers to write sheet info of Hollywood songs as well apart from the regular Bollywood stuff.

To answer to the requests of my dear readers, I would like you to check out the Free Sheet Music Resource.

It is an exhaustive collection of various albums / artists ranging from Jimmy Hendrix, Guns and Roses, Nirvana to Aerosmith, including The Beatles. Moreover, there are lots of Free Guitar Tabs to keep you busy looking for more! There are more than 1000 sheet music available for free download for guitar itself.

For those among you into piano, the site has a very good collection of Piano Sheet Music as well. Though I play piano very rarely and not really qualified to comment on it, the piano sheets are equally useful for guitarist as well. Those who like Western notations would enjoy the vast amount of piano notations available for free. The website has few Choral and Organ sheets as well. Screenshot

The tabs are also categorized in alphabetical order, so if you want to find a particular band / group or singer, just look up the category with starting alphabet of the desired singer and you are on your way. The sheet music is available in PDF as well as text format. All the sheet music available on the website is free and you don’t have to register to download it.

The website is well structured and very easy to navigate. The forum-style interface makes it easy to look for your favorite band or singer.

Some of the features of the website are as follows:

  • Exhaustive resource for both Guitar and Piano.
  • The Music Sheet collection is very well organized and managed.
  • Very easy to look for whatever you want though a search box is missing.
  • All the content is free and no registration is required to download it.

I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for chords and tabs of Hollywood songs and traditional rock music.

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