Do you have chords or tabs of a song? You think they are almost perfect and would be great to play on a guitar? Then send it over to me and I will post it here on my blog with full credit.

It need not be your Original Creation!

Though original work is appreciated, you can send me chords and tabs from any source as long as you think it is accurate and worth sharing to the world. So send now!

Guitar Chords, Tabs, Articles, Lessons and Tutorials

It is as simple as that. Though I won’t like to put any constraints but I would be delighted if the following preferences are met:

  • Chords and Tabs are of a song which is actually played on a guitar. Or the song should at least be worth playing/listening on a guitar!
  • No need for formatting… Just send them to me in readable format and I will take care of the rest.
  • Guitar Lessons are also encouraged. The only requisite for articles/lessons and tutorials is that it should be original, your own work.

Send in your works to xsreality (at) abhinavsonkar (dot) com


Please give info about yourself which can include your website, email or any other contact info which would be included in your post.

Guest Posting

What I am talking about is a special case of Guest Posting. If you want to do guest posting on my website for any topic under the sun, contact me on
xsreality (at) abhinavsonkar (dot) com

Thank you!