How A Movie Release Affects The Page Views!

I would like to show a very interesting statistics which re-affirms my belief that the traffic of this blog depends a lot upon the happenings in Bollywood. I posted the song Give Me Some Sunshine from the movie 3 Idiots more than a month before the scheduled release of the movie. 19th November to be precise. If you will notice the graph below, the page views leading up to the release date are marginal and pretty constant averaging about 150 views a day. On 25th December, 2009 when the movie released, the page views for the song rose to 420. It kept on increasing and is currently averaging over 1000 page views a day except on new year eve when…
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Time For A New Poll – 3 Idiots!

Hey all! It is time for a new poll here at Please excuse me as this poll is not at all related to guitar, but I thought this would still be interesting enough to find out! So here The movie 3 Idiots has touched all our hearts. And that is all because of the 3 idiots who help us realize the fallacies within our system and in us too. Be it the god-fearing Raju, the satisfied-with-everything Farhan or the heart-following, happy-go-lucky Rancho! Equally interesting is the character of Chatur who expertises in deteriorating the environment around him with his silent missiles! The cute Pia is highly appealing. And finally, the dangerous VIRUS BUDDHA ! As the director of a top…
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Guitar Chords and Tabs

Guitar Chords: Give Me Some Sunshine, 3 Idiots

3 Idiots All those of you who are starting to learn guitar and want to practice a simple song like Papa Kehte Hai should rejoice! For this song is based on C major scale with simple C, F and G chords. Still, you should be comfortable with changing chords as changing from C to G is considered to be toughest among the basic open chords. This guide should be useful for the same: 6 Tips on Changing Guitar Chords Effectively. Give Me Some Sunshine is a beautiful college song which is already a hit amongst youngsters. The song is really pleasing on the ears and once you hear it, you will want to hear it again and again. From the…
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