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7 Bollywood Acoustic Guitar Songs You Can’t Miss!

It is always fun to play pure acoustic songs on guitar. If you play the right chords and the right strumming pattern, you can almost sound like original! Play along with the backing track and there would be perfect harmony. In fact, if you listen hard enough you might even hear the left hand sliding along the frets of the guitar (unless it has been removed in post-processing). This is not possible with plugged tracks that have everything from bass guitarist/keyboard to octa-pad and other electronic stuff. I decided to post some of the best acoustic guitar songs from Bollywood in past few years. But be warned: not all of these songs are simple. Many of them require barre chords…
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How A Movie Release Affects The Page Views!

I would like to show a very interesting statistics which re-affirms my belief that the traffic of this blog depends a lot upon the happenings in Bollywood. I posted the song Give Me Some Sunshine from the movie 3 Idiots more than a month before the scheduled release of the movie. 19th November to be precise. If you will notice the graph below, the page views leading up to the release date are marginal and pretty constant averaging about 150 views a day. On 25th December, 2009 when the movie released, the page views for the song rose to 420. It kept on increasing and is currently averaging over 1000 page views a day except on new year eve when…
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Guitar Chords: Zara Si Dil Mein De Jagah, Jannat

Think Emraan Haashmi and think fabulous music in his films. Hits after hits, his movies always gave us many melodeous songs. Here comes another from the movie "JANNAT". Together Pritam, Sayeed Quadri and KK do everything right to make a song which is a sure shot chartbuster in the making. One would have expected the next version of the song to be a full on Club mix. However, that's not the case as it is set as an unplugged edition, KK with just a guitar in background. In fact, this version sounds even better and is worth the price that one may go for it. VERSE (Bm)ZARA SI DIL MEIN DE (G)JAGAH TU (A)ZARA SA APNA LE (Bm)BANA (Bm)ZARA SA…
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