Acoustic Guitar Rules Over Electric [Poll Results]

Last Month, I ran a poll asking my readers about their favorite guitar type. The results are quite interesting and it really heartened me to see that people still prefer to start learning guitar with an acoustic version rather than an electric one. Acoustic Guitar clearly dominated with 254 of the 411 people opting for acoustic while 63 people chose electric guitar. 82 people are good with both acoustic as well as electric which is a positive sign. (more…)
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What is your favorite Guitar Type? [POLL]

It is time for a new poll at - and the question is: What is your favorite Guitar Type? Usually, people who join coaching for guitars start with an acoustic guitar and then move on to electric. Others start with electric as well. So how did you began your journey with the guitar and what gives you most pleasure? (more…)
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Guitar Chords and Tabs

Guitar Chords: Sindbad The Sailor, Rock On!!

Another of Rock On's superhit song is Sindbad The Sailor which is the last song performed by the Magik Band and the climax of the movie. It includes a bit of Tum Ho Toh song as well in the end. The song is basically on electric guitar but due to popularity and repeated requests I am posting the song. Enjoy!! Intro Riff: G G/F G/E G/C One guitar keeps plays G and the other guitar plays G F E Then the bass plays G FF E CC and back to G F E C. Bass kicks in with the same notes, G FF E CC , then settles into a groove with same notes Synth riff plays on top of…
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