Guitar Chords: Tune Jo Na Kaha, New York [2009]

Oh what a beautiful song it is !! The melancholic music of Tune Jo Na Kaha comes out subtly in the use of minor chords in the root notes. Mohit Chauhan has sung it very well. Though the song can be related very easily to other such sad songs, it still succeeds in bringing a refreshing appeal to the listener. The chords used in the song are simply F, C, A# and Dm. Though it can be played with open chords, I prefer to play it with barre chords. x 4 times Tune (F)jo na kaha ... main wo (A#)sunta Khamo (F)kha, bewajah ... khwaab (F)bunta raha ... x 2 times Tune (F)jo, na ka(C)ha ... main wo (A#)sunta ra(F)…
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Guitar Chords and Tabs

Guitar Chords: Hai Junoon, New York [2009]

This is an excellent song with very simple basic music which any beginner guitarist can play. The song uses suspended versions of D chord just like in the song Summer of 69. Nothing much to say about the guitar part. It's pretty straight-forward. Again, this song was brought to my notice by a very special friend of mine who has been instrumental in keeping me informed about new songs which are based on guitar at the right time. Thanx dear! I won't be surprised if this song becomes the new symbol of the young generation! The following strumming pattern can be used: D - | D - | U-UD | D U INTRO x2 (D)Na Na(Dsus4)nana na na(A)na Nana na…
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