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Guitar Chords: Roobaroo, Rang De Basanti

Another of A R Rahman's excellent composition which is completely based on an acoustic guitar. Most people think Roobaroo guitar chords are A & D which is correct. But here are some minor changes & tips that will make it sound exact. Its easy, try it!! TIP #1 The Chords are A and Dadd9 (means include the E note) TIP #2 the last line chord just before the line KYON SEHTE RAHE is Amaj7 TIP #3 For this song, the best way to get the same original feel is to use a CAPO on 2nd fret and play A (like the open G with D note - Pink Floyd style G chord) and then play the D (like open C…
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Guitar Chords: Luka Chuppi, Rang De Basanti

Another masterpiece from the maestro A R Rahman. The magic that he creates with a single instrument and especially the guitar is an inspiration for all aspiring guitarists. I got the chords of Luka Chuppi, Rang De Basanti from and they are almost perfect! The strumming pattern should be something like this: | D UDUD | UDUDUDU | Variation (used occasionally) |D DUDUD | UDUDUDU | Chord chart: A 002220 Asus2 002200 Aadd9 077600 B* 024440 B5 024400 Badd11 099800 C#m* 046650 E 022100 E5 079900 Emaj7(3) 079800 (*) indicates that the chord is modified by unfretting the 1st (high E) | E5 Emaj7 | E5 Emaj7 | E Emaj7 | Aadd9 Bad11 | | E5 Emaj7 | E5 Emaj7…
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