AbhiGuitar Redesigned – Clean and Responsive Look

I am excited to announce a complete redesign of the blog. The new theme is a lot cleaner and responsive. Various categories are highlighted using different colors. Thanks to the new CloudFlare CDN, the site will load faster. Over the next few days, there will be slight tweaks to the design as part of finishing touches. I am also looking to improve the way chords and tabs are displayed on the blog for each song. Hope you enjoy the blog in its new avatar!
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Welcome to Abhinav Sonkar dot Com Version 2 – Refurnished and Redesigned!

Regular readers would have already noticed the renovation of this blog which had kept me busy for quite some time in the past week. There were other things that had arrested my attention but I would allude to it in a different post. The previous design had been in use since the start of this blog nine months ago. It was one of my favorites but the design and the space it provided were constricting the growth of the blog and hence I decided to look for a new design. Now I am not yet financially sound enough to look for a unique premium design or hire a designer, so I started my search for a good free design that…
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