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Guitar Chords/Tabs: Meri Maa, Taare Zameen Par

Apart from Kholo Kholo, this is one song from Taare Zameen Par that I can't stop getting enough of! The beauty of this song lies in its simplicity and basic use of musical instruments. And when one of those instruments is an acoustic guitar, getting it out of your own guitar would be the first thing to do! Since I got a lot of request to post chords of this song so here it is! So, without getting into anything else lets get going! Chords in the song Play the C, F, G open chords and Am, G#, Fm7(111131) barre chords. MUKHDA 1 (C)Main bat(F)lata na(C)hin (G)par andhere se (F)dartaa hoon main (C)maa (C)yu to dikh(F)lata na(C)hin (G)teri parwah (F)karta…
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Guitar Chords: Kholo Kholo, Taare Zameen Par

What a wonderful song it is! Shankar Ehsaan Loy (SEL) are rocking for sure! They are dishing out one hit song after I am surely become a fan of theirs! The following song hosts a few modified chords so understanding barre chords is a but I assure you, the satisfaction that one derives from playing this song is unmatched. Sing while you play or get yourself a singer to really enjoy the song! Again, a treat for all acoustic guitar lovers out there! The following chords have been approved by Ehsaan himself on , so just enjoy playing them! Modified Chords Bsus4 - Modified F# (F#*) - Badd11 (B*) - The wonderful start E------0----x-x-x--------------x------------ B------0----x-x-x--------------x------------ G------x----x-x-x--------------2------------ D------2----x-x-x--------------2------------ A------2----x-x-x--2h4------0----------- E------0----x-x-x--------------x----3------- kholo…
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